The NLCMC provides lunch five days a week and dinner six days a week. In addition, volunteer groups use the NLCMC facilities to prepare and serve dinner on the second Saturday of the month and on the fourth Saturday a pre-made lunch is served. The food used to make meals at the center is primarily obtained from The Gemma E. Moran United Way Food Bank in New London and is supplemented by donations from various businesses and agencies, as well as individual donors. Currently the NLCMC has only 3 employees, a full time kitchen manager and 2 part time employees. Consequently volunteers are a vital and indispensable part of the workforce in the daily operation of the NLCMC. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Judy Mann, the volunteer coordinator at (860) 536-4784.

Above: The Connecticut Sun reached out to the community, serving dinner. The food was donated by Mohegan Sun, and the catering staff was on hand to prepare it for the players, who fed roughly 200 visitors.

Our Kitchen Manager - Peta Madry

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