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UConn Study Ranks Towns By 'Food Security'
April 10, 2013, By Shawn R. Beals,, The Hartford Courant

Food insecurity in Connecticut increased
September 6, 2013, By Ana Radelat, The CT Mirror


The New London Community Meal Center
September 29th, 2012, News Release

“Soup’s on”… The New London Community Meal Center is currently in a period of reflection.  With the recent passing of the long term standing president, Mr. Milton L Cook Jr, the Meal Center is forced to reflect on its journey to this point and where to go from here. 

The New London Community Meal Center was established in 1985 in the New London Conn area. It was created to respond to the needs of New London's most vulnerable residents by providing nutritious meals in a kind, hospitable and clean environment.

The organization currently provides lunch five days a week and dinner six days a week, including Saturday dinner served by a local community group. 

Over its history there have been strong leaders influencing and shaping the direction of the Meal Center.  These leaders include the late Mrs. Laurie Bellinger, Mrs. Lucille Smith and their most recent president the late Milton L. Cook Jr.  Their contributions are countless in serving this community. 

The meal center Board of Directors has decided to recognize the past leaders of the New London Community Meal Center with an Honorarium brunch scheduled September 29th, 2012 at 11am.  This brunch will include a dedication in honor of Milton Cook and a presentation of the Wall of Honors  depicting the images of the founding leaders who had carried the Meal Center this far. 

The vision of the Meal Center is of much conversation during the Board of Directors meetings over the past few months.  There has been an election of new officers and a reenergized board of directors eager to continue the legacy forged by the wonderful visionaries being honored. 

“Let’s dedicate a month for soup” one board member expresses.  All of us remember or have heard of the “Soup Lines”, the days in which people would go to a “Soup Kitchen” for their daily meal.  The dedication of a “Soup Month” obviously is more than just soup; the New London Community Meal Center wants this month to be an awakening of the charitable spirit in which the “Soup Kitchens” were formed. They want people to get involved, volunteer, donate time, food, and money to a New London (American) tradition.  Times are getting tough and looking at the shelves of the Meal Center’s pantries there is a growing need for awareness and actions.  This is truly a time to continue what was started by local spirit and people helping one another. 

“Soup’s on” at the New London Community Meal Center!


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